Our group of leading manufacturers' specializes in working with aluminum,stainless steel, millwork, and solid surface materials. They can build you everything from a customized rack, serving counters, adjustable food shields, customized bar, and much more....

Production of Custom Aluminum fabrication from Racks, Security
Fences, Cabinets, to Dollies.

Production of Standard and Custom Air Doors for Entry Doors, Drive-Thru Window, Receiving Door to Warehouse Doors.

Production of NSF Food Shields, Serving Counters, Millwork, and all fabricated needs.

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Starliper & Associates

2570 New Schuylkill Rd
PO Box 389
Parker Ford, PA. 19457
Mobile : 610.476.6304
Office: 610.363.5688
Fax : 610.363.6746

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